Leverkusen, 16 June 2020. C&G Pigment’s Axel Schneider was interviewed by the European Coatings Journal and explained why C&G Pigment has decided to enter the European market for inorganic pigments. He underlines the fundamental cooperation with Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. (Hyrox) and points out why modern Chinese pigment manufacturers are more and more in line with Western ones regarding environmental care.

After almost 30 years in export business for well-known Chinese manufacturers of iron oxides, chrome oxides, titanium dioxide and carbon black, C&G Pigment has decided to expand its activities to the European continent. With a special focus on iron oxides manufactured by Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment and marketed under the brand name of Hyrox, the company sees good opportunities to implement its business.

In the interview Axel highlights the challenges, but also the chances. He explains why Germany was chosen as the European home base and he takes reference to the corona virus pandemic. Most of all he illustrates why Hyrox of today is no longer the Hyrox of 10 years ago, now running a fully modernized production facility. This is, in combination with the expertise of C&G Pigment, an excellent basis for a successful partnership, in which C&G Pigment acts as a sales channel of Hyrox.

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