Compound Greens are homogeneous pigment blends made from iron oxide yellow and phthalo cyanine blue in different ratios. The ratio between the two components determines the shade of the product, ranging from yellowish green to bright blue.

Compound Greens are recommended for use in paints, floor coatings and other usages for indoor applications. With their high color strength and cost efficiency they are a welcome alternative to chrome oxide green when weather resistance is not required.

Our compound green products are manufactured by Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd. and they are marketed under the brand name of HYROX. Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd. is a major manufacturer of iron oxide pigments in China, having experience of over 25 years in this chemical field. A significant modernization project has converted the plant in Deqing into a highly modern site, using state of the art technology for manufacturing, surface treatment, water and gas treatment for full ecological compliance.


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