Responsibility taken seriously


As one of the leading marketing players for inorganic pigments it is not only our responsibility to provide high quality products to our customers, but also to act responsibly with natural resources and minimize the risks in the supply chain. We merely work with products that satisfy our high expectations in all aspects and that are certified in line with international standards.

We honor all existing and prospective challenges and stand up for a responsible handling of the environment as well as for a sustainable corporate governance. For us this embraces a strategic corporate development that comprises economic, ecological and social aspects to the same extent.

Our sustainable corporate policy is also expressed through the selection of the location for our global Headquarters in Hangzhou, the green prime city in China. Being both, highly modern and sustainable, this metropole is a great example for the possibility to combine economy and ecology to the benefit of nature and society.

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Become a part of the strongest network for inorganic pigments in China. We work with leading players in the field of pigment manufacturing. For you this means highest quality standards and excellent supply service.

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