Ferrites are derivatives of iron oxides, in which a part of the iron content is substituted by other metals through a calcination process. This substitution makes the ferrite pigments more heat resistant than regular yellow and black iron oxides.

Zinc ferrite is a tan shade yellow pigment with heat stability of more than 300°C, which makes it an interesting option for the use in plastics coloration.

Manganese ferrite is a black pigment with a heat stability of over 500°C. It is used for the coating of e.g. ovens, chimneys and other surfaces in hot environments. Other applications are engineering plastics as well as enamels.

Our ferrite products are manufactured by Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd. and they are marketed under the brand name of HYROX. Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd. is a major manufacturer of iron oxide pigments in China, having experience of over 25 years in this chemical field. A significant modernization project has converted the plant in Deqing into a highly modern site, using state of the art technology for manufacturing, surface treatment, water and gas treatment for full ecological compliance. Learn more


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