Hangzhou, 1 October 2019 – With pleasure C&G Pigment Chemicals Ltd. announces the cooperation with Mr. Axel Schneider to develop its business on the European continent. The company plans to register an office in Germany to build the basis for servicing the European market for its pigment products. These services will contain importation, warehousing and sales to ensure every service level as per the individual customer’s wishes. Axel is nominated to become the managing director of the German legal entity.
During his career Axel has gained experience in various fields of the chemical industry with a focus on dyes and pigments. His major professional steps so far have been with Bayer, Lanxess and Cathay Industries. “I thoroughly look forward to working together with C&G Pigment with the aim to expand their business to the European continent, which will be a challenging, but also a very exciting move for myself as well as for the company”, he says.
Mr. Jiming Cai, owner and managing director of C&G Pigment Chemicals Ltd. with Headquarters in Hangzhou, China, comments: “We are very glad to conclude the cooperation with Axel, who is so experienced in the field of coloration with pigments that we should have an excellent further development of our business, conquering a new continent for our company.”