C&G Pigment at European Coatings Show 2023

Leverkusen, 28 February 2023 – After years of waiting due to Covid-19 restrictions, C&G Pigment will finally make its way to the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. The Managing Director of C&G Pigment Europe, Mr. Axel Schneider, will be hosted at the booth of Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd., Hall 4A-229.
The European Coatings Show 2023 will be held in its usual venue, the trade fair center in Nuremberg, Germany. It will open its doors on 28th March until the 30th of the same month.
“We are very glad to be back on stage with this exhibition”, says Mr. Jiming Cai, owner and managing director of C&G Pigment Chemicals Ltd. “Axel Schneider will represent us throughout the full three days making sure that C&G Pigment is in good reach for all interested business partners.

Axel Schneider – Managing Director of C&G Pigment Europe

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BFT International, well established magazine in the European construction market, asked C&G Pigment Europe about its strategies and milestones

Leverkusen, 8 July 2020. BFT International talked with Axel Schneider of C&G Pigment Europe about the company’s strategies, its milestones as well as about current market trends with reference to the overall construction industry.

BFT International, a market-leading publication for the construction industry, talked to Axel Schneider, Managing Director of C&G Pigment Europe, to learn more about C&G’s European strategy, why the company has decided to found a subsidiary in Germany, its focus activities and about the current crisis with its future impact.

In the interview Axel points out that the intensified cooperation with its partner Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment was the driver for C&G Pigment to found a subsidiary in Europe to address this market together. Hence iron oxides of the HYROX brand are in the center of the company’s attention, but offering chrome oxide green and titanium dioxide pigments forms a solid package to serve customers on a broader base.

Also Covid19 was a topic of interest for BFT International. Particularly the current impact and the question about “what’s next” were addressed. Logically it is the focus on environmental protection that is expected to return onto the global agenda. Whilst many Chinese companies are still seen critically, C&G Pigment has strong and trustworthy partners also in this respect.

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Axel Schneider, C&G Pigment’s Business Director Europe, talked to European Coatings Journal about opportunities for newcomers in the current European environment

Leverkusen, 16 June 2020. C&G Pigment’s Axel Schneider was interviewed by the European Coatings Journal and explained why C&G Pigment has decided to enter the European market for inorganic pigments. He underlines the fundamental cooperation with Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. (Hyrox) and points out why modern Chinese pigment manufacturers are more and more in line with Western ones regarding environmental care.

After almost 30 years in export business for well-known Chinese manufacturers of iron oxides, chrome oxides, titanium dioxide and carbon black, C&G Pigment has decided to expand its activities to the European continent. With a special focus on iron oxides manufactured by Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment and marketed under the brand name of Hyrox, the company sees good opportunities to implement its business.

In the interview Axel highlights the challenges, but also the chances. He explains why Germany was chosen as the European home base and he takes reference to the corona virus pandemic. Most of all he illustrates why Hyrox of today is no longer the Hyrox of 10 years ago, now running a fully modernized production facility. This is, in combination with the expertise of C&G Pigment, an excellent basis for a successful partnership, in which C&G Pigment acts as a sales channel of Hyrox.

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Heatstable Manganese Ferrite from HYROX now available in micronized quality

Hangzhou, 20th April 2020. C&G Pigment’s partner Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd. is now offering its manganese ferrite in micronized form, enabling a better dispersion in various systems where a finer and more homogeneous particle size is required. The product’s name is HYROX Black 750TAM.

Our manufacturing partner Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd. has announced that its heatstable manganese ferrite is now available in micronized form. The product code is HYROX Black 750TAM. It offers improved properties like a fineness of Hegman 6+ and a more even particle size distribution. These characteristics facilitate dispersing the product in more demanding systems in the range of powder coating, coil coating and other applications of this kind.

HYROX Black 750TAM is a manganese ferrite with a heat stability of up to 700°C. The product is used in applications where the coating is exposed to high temperatures like chimneys, ovens and others. It has excellent weather and lightfastness properties and can be used in areas where regular iron oxide black fails to be sufficiently stable to high temperatures.

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C&G Pigment establishes European subsidiary

Jiming Cai
Founder & Owner of C&G Pigment

Hangzhou, 10th March 2020. C&G Pigment, a leading marketing company for inorganic pigments, has registered a subsidiary in Leverkusen, Germany. The company establishes a European presence to market its product portfolio from well known Chinese pigment manufacturers throughout the continent.

C&G Pigment with its strategic portfolio of iron oxide, titanium dioxide and carbon black pigments, has announced the opening of a German subsidiary under the name of C&G Pigment Europe GmbH. The company serves as a platform to offer the product portfolio and logistics services to the customer base on the European continent. It is located in Leverkusen, Germany and will be managed by Mr. Axel Schneider who has been appointed managing director.

“Even though the competitive landscape in Europe is very intensive, we are convinced of the potential this market holds for us”, says Jiming Cai, founder and owner of C&G Pigment. “Our partners are keen to develop their business into this market and support us in the best possible way. So we are pleased to move ahead with a full pigment focus in order to provide expertise and solid added value to the European users.”

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C&G Pigment at Chinacoat 2019

Shanghai, 21 November 2019 – C&G Pigment has successfully participated at the 2019 edition of Chinacoat held in Shanghai from 18th to 20th November. The company was hosted at the booth of Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment Co. Ltd., for whom C&G Pigment is a strategic partner for the global marketing of its iron oxide pigments branded HYROX.
Chinacoat is one of the biggest exhibitions for coatings products worldwide, certainly a place to be at year by year. It attracts visitors from all over the world, providing the opportunity to have many intensive business talks within only three days.
“We are very satisfied with the numerous quality discussions we have had once more on the occasion of this exhibition”, says Mr. Jiming Cai, owner and managing director of C&G Pigment Chemicals Ltd.
Mr. Zenglin Zhu, president of Zhejiang Huayuan Pigment, adds: “We are very proud and grateful to have C&G Pigment with us this year. We are confident that our cooperation can be further intensified, also based on our joint plans to expand the business together in the future.”
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Cooperation between C&G Pigment and Mr. Axel Schneider

Hangzhou, 1 October 2019 – With pleasure C&G Pigment Chemicals Ltd. announces the cooperation with Mr. Axel Schneider to develop its business on the European continent. The company plans to register an office in Germany to build the basis for servicing the European market for its pigment products. These services will contain importation, warehousing and sales to ensure every service level as per the individual customer’s wishes. Axel is nominated to become the managing director of the German legal entity.
During his career Axel has gained experience in various fields of the chemical industry with a focus on dyes and pigments. His major professional steps so far have been with Bayer, Lanxess and Cathay Industries. “I thoroughly look forward to working together with C&G Pigment with the aim to expand their business to the European continent, which will be a challenging, but also a very exciting move for myself as well as for the company”, he says.
Mr. Jiming Cai, owner and managing director of C&G Pigment Chemicals Ltd. with Headquarters in Hangzhou, China, comments: “We are very glad to conclude the cooperation with Axel, who is so experienced in the field of coloration with pigments that we should have an excellent further development of our business, conquering a new continent for our company.”
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