Jiming Cai
Founder & Owner of C&G Pigment

Hangzhou, 10th March 2020. C&G Pigment, a leading marketing company for inorganic pigments, has registered a subsidiary in Leverkusen, Germany. The company establishes a European presence to market its product portfolio from well known Chinese pigment manufacturers throughout the continent.

C&G Pigment with its strategic portfolio of iron oxide, titanium dioxide and carbon black pigments, has announced the opening of a German subsidiary under the name of C&G Pigment Europe GmbH. The company serves as a platform to offer the product portfolio and logistics services to the customer base on the European continent. It is located in Leverkusen, Germany and will be managed by Mr. Axel Schneider who has been appointed managing director.

“Even though the competitive landscape in Europe is very intensive, we are convinced of the potential this market holds for us”, says Jiming Cai, founder and owner of C&G Pigment. “Our partners are keen to develop their business into this market and support us in the best possible way. So we are pleased to move ahead with a full pigment focus in order to provide expertise and solid added value to the European users.”